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Comunicar Journal 25: Quality Television (Vol. 13 - 2005)

Television and university: a meeting for the reflection and the training of the future teachers


Using audiovisual aids and information technologies in our educational system has a slow trajectory in the different educational levels. It seems as if the attempts of using them as didactical resources had been no effective. We are yet depending on the wills of the University teaching staff to use them without a real institutional support. It´s true that we are witnessing a great introduction at the University of these technologies, but we can see that profitability is more considered than didactical reasons. In the last years, the University Authorities want us to learn the use of digital platforms or to show students evaluation in formato web. The first point allows the incorporation of virtual students (bigger global amount of students with less costs: reductions in use of classrooms and other services). The second point gives more control and less storage of official documents with student´s evaluations. All things considered, the defence of the didactical profits of educational technologies haven´t been enough to be something of general use. It´s now, once we have understood the profitability they can give us, nor as learning mediator but as a way to organize educational services, that we have to use them perforce or to suffer the established consecuences. As in other studying levels, we use these resources in a limited way. In this communication we are going to show part of an experience of using this information technologies in our subjects. We describe the used resources an, after this, the way we used them. Some of them are films, other documents from our Centre Library, recordings of television programs (interviews, debates…). At last, we gather the opinion or our students with an anonymous questionnaire. The evaluation results of this project has been very satisfactory in two ways: the use of information technologies and the facilities that they give to the learning and teaching process.