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Comunicar Journal 25: Quality Television (Vol. 13 - 2005)

Let us teach to discriminate stereotypes sexist on television


Throughout history sexistas stereotypes are reproduced of generation in generation through the repetition of guidelines of conducts, attitudes and forms to understand the situations that surround to us, establishing these models like adapted so a society them takes, which causes that the women and children are put under the rolls settled down by a androcéntrica culture. This situation has not changed at the present time and the transmission of guidelines and sexistas values is continued harnessing from different scopes, among others by mass media of masses, between which the television not only transmits a culture, but that participates in the creation, offers certain models, power values and devaluates others... it reproduces and creates sexistas stereotypes that discriminate against the woman. The television is so near the daily reality of all the people who we considered also has a quota of responsibility. As a result of being noticing the influence that has the television in our society, we wanted to know the forms and ways in which the sexism is reflected in her. For it we along with made alumnos/as of the subjet «Bases for a nonsexista education» of the University of Huelva during course 2004/2005 a study on the content television in relation to the sexism, once we had treated the basic slight knowledge on the thematic one. The study tried the reflective analysis of the discrimination towards the woman generated by the television. We undertook it through the systematic observation, a made observation of deliberate form, in order to identify sexistas stereotypes and to make a valuation of such. It was made during five weeks, in any television network and mainly type of programs: aids, debates, news, films, cartoons, publicity, etc..., of which, those aspects were extracted that were considered discriminatory towards the woman, they we gathered in a registry of significant facts, customized cards for each observation, offers in the first place the general performances (observer, date, hour, chain of TV and televising space) and next the context of the observation, the description of the incident and the valuation. In this work manifold indifferently discriminatory messages for the woman were identified of the chain or the televising space, and even, the observers declared that previously they had not repaired in them, by being considered an aspect, an attitude, a situation... standardized in our culture, justifying that in many occasions they are transmitting still because of their ignorance. This study has made us become aware and to value the discrimination projected through the television and, therefore, it has taken to us to consider the importance of learning and of teaching to see it, because in the same way that we are educated to develop those capacities that cause that the people can develop in the society, also it is advisable a formation that contributes the attitudes necessary to value of intelligent way the messages expressed in the television and thus being receiving critical and reflexives on the fairness for all the people.