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Comunicar Journal 38: Media Literacy in Multiple Contexts (Vol. 19 - 2012)

Media literacy and consumption of media and advertising in university students of pedagogy in Chile


Considering the results of studies on the mediating role of the media, specially the television, and the advertising in different groups etarios, added to the need to discuss the processes of audio-visual literacy or media literacy; the principal aim of this work was analyzed the pattern of consumption of media in students of pedagogy in Language and Communication, Mathematics, and History and Geography of Chilean universities and to determine if differential profiles exist in the use and consumption of media that you relate to his future role in the audio-visual literacy of his students. For it, it was considered to be a sample of meaningful type remained constituted by 881 students of pedagogy of both sexes who were dealing studies in seven Chilean universities of the south and central zone of Chile. For the compilation of information there was in use the «questionnaire of habits of consumption of media». In general, the distribution of the preferences, so much to level of kind as for career, does not manage to represent mediatically the idiosyncrasy and reflects foreign realities that do not allow to strengthen civil processes in the consumers of the media. In synthesis, the major problematics is that the educational futures do not seem to rely on tools that they should allow them to face the labor of audio-visual literacy, provided that they themselves present difficulties to differ between the information and the persuasion in the advertising messages.