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Comunicar Journal 42: Revolution in Education? (Vol. 21 - 2014)

Meaning processes mediated through a protagonists’ collaborative learning platform


The use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the classroom requires the creation of contextualized proposals which foster in students collaboration and the use of resources to hand. This paper shows the results obtained in the analysis of the signification process which teachers and students have built through their participation in a project implementing collaborative didactic designs using ICT, in particular social networking. Focus groups were formed with 102 students and interviews with 21 teachers took place in two stages (pre- and post-), and they participated in 21 learning experiences developed at 12 schools in southern Chile. Main results reveal a positive assessment of the experience related to the motivational effects of the use of ICT and social networking among students; a considerable change in the didactic interaction inside the classroom; an interest in the possibility of collaborating with students from different contexts and from different regions; a lack of knowledge of the Web 2.0 resources available on the part of teachers, and some negative considerations on the inappropriate use of the Internet. In conclusion, the meaning-creation process of the protagonists enabled this study to gain relevant qualitative information related to didactic, technological and logistic factors in the development of learning experiences through a virtual learning platform.