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Comunicar Journal 46: The internet of the Future (Vol. 24 - 2016)

Online and offline pornography consumption in Colombian adolescents


Mass media consumption has increased markedly in recent years. One unintended consequence of this increase is the proliferation of risky consumption, including online and offline pornography. Although the literature has noted a series of predictive variables (age, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and family structure), recent studies have suggested including values and lifestyles as relevant factors in consumption decisions. The objective of the present study was to examine whether adolescents’ lifestyles were relevant predictors of the consumption of pornography both on the Internet and in magazines or videos. A cross-sectional observational study design that included a representative sample of 9,942 Colombian adolescents (Mage=14.93, SD=2.47) was used. To control the effects of sociodemographic, structural, and individual variables, their lifestyles were examined using a multiple regression analysis and mediation analysis. The results indicated that a positive intrafamilial style was associated with a reduction in the consumption of pornography; however, both a negative intrafamilial style and a relational independence style increased consumption. In addition, the study suggests that family relational styles can mediate the relationship between positive values and risky behavior both online and offline. Finally, we discuss the results from the relational perspective, including its application in media literacy programs.