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Comunicar Journal 74: Education for digital citizenship: Algorithms, automation and communication (Vol. 31 - 2023)

Algorithms and communication: A systematized literature review


The influence of algorithms on society is increasing due to their growing presence in all areas of daily life. Although we are not always aware of it, they sometimes usurp the identity of other social actors. The main purpose of this article is to address the meta-research on the field of artificial intelligence and communication from a holistic perspective that allows us to analyze the state of academic research, as well as the possible effects on these areas and on the democratic system. To this end, we carried out a systematized review of recent literature using quantitative and qualitative approaches. The subject analyzed is changing and novel: it includes the impact and interaction of algorithms, bots, automated processes, and artificial intelligence mechanisms in journalism and communication, as well as their effects on democracy. The results show expanding scientific production, mostly in English, based on theoretical discussion or focused on the perception of communication professionals. The object of study is centered mostly on journalism and democracy, and to a lesser degree on ethics or education. Studies indicate great interest in the effects of the use of algorithms on journalism and democracy, but the answers are still uncertain and the challenges for the coming years are significant.