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Comunicar Journal 19: Communication and Popularization of Science (Vol. 10 - 2002)

Multimedia means for professional guidance




The changing context in which we are living raises considerable challenges in the educational and formative processes. Vocational guidance tries to bring the technical assistance that provides the individuals with the instrument and tools which are necessary to face these demands. With this intention, the authors have designed a telematic tool for the formation of the guiders, which they present in this paper.


Design of materials, multimedia, vocational guidence, guider

PDF file in Spanish


BERMEJO, B. (2002): «Orientación y desarrollo profesional», en RODRÍGUEZ, J., BERMEJO, B.; MORALES, J.A.; MARTÍ- NEZ, A. y RIVERA, A. (Coords.): Formación y Orientación Profesional: de la escuela al trabajo. Sevilla, GID.