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Comunicar Journal 19: Communication and Popularization of Science (Vol. 10 - 2002)

Design of attitude scales for teaching training in new technologies


Francisco-Javier Hinojo-Lucena

Francisco Fernández-Martín


In this paper, the authors present a scale elaborated in order to find out towards training and continuum improvement in NICT (new information and communication technologies) of education professionals, since this attitude is negative to them. This may be one of the reasons why NICT are not sufficiently used in the classroom. This fact also leads to a lack in exploiting the benefits that NICT can provide both to the researchers´own work as to their pupils´learning. Therefore, setting our theoretical grounds on attitude, teacher training and continuum improvement in NICT, we have followed the building phases of Likert´s scale.


Teacher attitudes, NICT, continuum training, educational innovation