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Comunicar Journal 19: Communication and Popularization of Science (Vol. 10 - 2002)

TV and teenagers in changing times


Michael Morgan

Tatiana Merlo-Flores


Data collected from 1.000 adolescents in Argentina in 1986 extended U.S.A. and other international comparative research to show that television plays a major role in shaping young people's conceptions of social reality. The study examined television usage and viewing patterns in a wide variety of social and family contexts. In particular, the study focused on the role of the media in the incipient process of democratic transition. Argentina was just emerging from a military dictatorship, and struggling to establish democratic rule. The research sought to investigate the role of the media in cultivating a political climate supportive of (or hostile to) the institutionalization of «democracy»


Adolescents, television, education in values and attitudes, media

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