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Comunicar Journal 20: Guidance and Mass Media (Vol. 10 - 2003)

Education and communication: an experience in the formal education


Marta Orsini-Puente


The violent and pornographic contents that appear in the mass media exercise a negative influence on children and young men(women). This influence, according to the authoress of this paper, owes to a cultural invasion that propagates with the new technologies and that takes as a consequence the end(purpose) of the critical capacity and the creativity. To avoid it, it has been realized in Cochabamba's city a project of teachers' formation that will try to educate young men(women) and adults. This project has been realized in three stages: First workshops were realized to form to the professorship; in the second phase the children who come to electronic games places were attended; finally, teachers were helped in order that they would include the mass media in their education. The purpose of the whole program is to educate in the exercise of the citizenship, in the culture for the peace and in the human right.


Violence, media influence, critical research, workshop; teacher training, citizenship

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