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Comunicar Journal 25: Quality Television (Vol. 13 - 2005)

Television and viewers: civil society´s mobilization


Nuno von-Amann-de-Campos


The aims of this paper are: to awake the public to their responsibility for contributing to a better media services, to give protection from the consequences of an excessive concentration of media organisations in a few economic groups and to monitor the work of the media regulator, to organise educational sessions for children, teenagers, their parents and other educators with the main purpose of promoting a more conscious and critical use of media, to recommend improvement programmes and classes for media students stressing the importance of ethics in communication, to renounce shocking and harmful images, texts or programmes as well as dishonest and excessive publicity, to promote the use of self-regulation codes by the media and the mobilization of civil society through the «International Universities Forum», the project «Education for media», the web site www.acmedia.pt, the «Media Observatories» set up in Europe and Middle East and the platform «I want to intervene».


Protect media consumer, rights & legitimate interests, alert public, media education