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Comunicar Journal 25: Quality Television (Vol. 13 - 2005)

The responsibility of television programme planners


Rafael Quintana-Garzón


The discussion about the quality of television contents, which has so strongly arisen in recent years, provides both elements for optimism and aspects that foster a sceptical position at the same time. The good intentions of improving programmes and of protecting children and youngsters, which were stated in the self-regulation rules signed in Spain in December of 2004, have come to nothing in the first months. The breaches of the code are frequent. Programme planners do not fully assume their responsibility and they blame external factors (such as the audience, the necessity of income from advertising or the lack of creativity) for the low quality of television products. It is appropriate to introduce the falsehood of such arguments on this point of the debate and to recall that television companies are the owners of the television that we consume. The possibilities of change will depend on the pressure that we, the users, are capable of exerting.


Responsibility, public service, television of quality, message owners

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