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Comunicar Journal 25: Quality Television (Vol. 13 - 2005)

Educational aim four our culture: learning to be semioticly strong


José-Ángel López-Herrerías


The human species is a communicative life. The persons are realized in the communication, necessary generator of the concrete reality of myself. To be exposed today to an invasor communication world (the culture of the image, of the television) appeals to the new educative challenges, that decide the realization of the valuable communication culture. The images communicates otherwise that the dialogue and the reading. The television communication, a message of the images, appeals with: a) low perceptive attention; b) limited conscious control; c) cognitive attitude of the passive character; d) a strong impact in the configuration of the personality (interests, motivations, language…). To be educated for being « semiotically strong» is the alternative pedagogic proposal, valid for deciding the autonomus and critical persons in the actual televisive cultural context.


Education, culture, mediatic literacy, to read.