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Comunicar Journal 25: Quality Television (Vol. 13 - 2005)

What do the children´s audiences do with the television?


Sergio-Ricardo Quiroga-Macleimont


The TV is an absorbent media, de powerful penetration and an instrument of culture and social interaction. During the 60 the research about TV and children was realize since the research lines of research in communication: the american research in mass communication, the structural view of french semiotic, the ideological critique with marxist tradition and the dependent theory. Therefore, the idea that the children are poor receptors to understand the violence of TV and the explosion of TV information is old, but relevant. Our contexts are iconic and the TV´s spectator confronts with a dynamic and tension universe. The experience and the culture help to child audience to understand the message of TV. This reflection is about the idea of building models of analysis. The idea of the child public takes a particular form of relations with the TV that other publics were advanced.


Television, children, publics, violence

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