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Comunicar Journal 25: Quality Television (Vol. 13 - 2005)

Musical language of the programme «Xuxa and the world of imagination»


José Nunes-Fernandes


This study is developed on the theoretical and methodological basis of analysis of discourse apply to music, proposed by Amparo Porta (1997, 2001). The objective is to analyse the sound language of program «Xuxa and the world of imagination», by three levels of approach: provable point of reference (musical qualities), poetic (treatment of phrases and conclusion), and topical (ideology transmited). In this study an analysis of one aspect of program is presented. As a partial result, in may be pointed out that the aspect selected was not present innovative language to resources for producing sound. And the contrary, it is characterized by a lack of musical recourses, which produces repetitive effect and suggests stereotypes, not only in the scope of the ideological message, but also in the musical scope. This is because it expresses musical forms which are based on commercial and industrial just justification – which have as a reference a passive spectator who is subject to the relationship of dominant culture.


Mass media, television, children's television program, Xuxa

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