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Comunicar Journal 25: Quality Television (Vol. 13 - 2005)

The positioning in 20’’: the self-promotion of the television networks


Lorena López-Font

Cristina González-Oñate


The Spanish televising scene is, at the present time, the center of a social and cultural discussion.Before the critic carried out towards as daily means as it is it the television, are many, (including the hearing), those that demand a reform that structures all the televising scene with the purpose of constructing an educative television and of quality. But, what it is happening from the point of view of the own television networks before the critical panorama which they face?. Which is its reaction, its strategies and their techniques to create a positive image of the own means and, most important, to transmit it to the spectator and to seduce to him?. The television networks have chosen to reframe their identity to reform the image that grant to the hearing. They have begun to be unmarked, to create a differentiating positioning before a hearing that every day is more demanding due to the supply that the technology offers to him. One of the most effective instruments fortify a position, to consolidate a position of the television companies before a heterogenous and more and more complex hearing, is the development of the televising continuity, with peculiar discursivas forms like cardboards of continuity, self-promotions, heads of programs, syntonies, bursts, etc., that contribute to fix the image of mark of the different companies, before the eyes of the spectator. This communication will be placed in the plane of the televisions like organizations to reflect from the side of televising means before the emergent problems, and to analyze the methods that are carrying out the different chains to create that positioning that differentiates from the others, centering to us in the autopromociones like the used advertising tool more, nowadays, by the television networks. The transmitted values, the corporative image and communicative identity and, really, all those aspects that in the autopromociones are expressed, will be analyzed to be able to understand the reactions caused by the chains of the Spanish televising panorama. In sum: 20 seconds of publicity of self-promotion so that a chain can transmit a new image, full of positive values for a society that, nowadays, questions own televising means, that is to say, to analyze how the televising means make use of its own channel to trasmitir and to create value of mark.


Television, viewer, image, publicity