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Comunicar Journal 25: Quality Television (Vol. 13 - 2005)

Adjustment of the electronic commerce to the digital television


María-del-Rosario Fernández-Falero


The challenge of the electronic commerce for the new century is going to be the step to the digital television, so that we go away to having to adapt at the rate of a television been founded on the diffusion, to a set of services of digital video based on the access. Of this form, the spectator of television is going to meet the possibility of interacting with the way, which supposes a change in the industry of the broadcast, so then though till now they were the distribution companies of information and entertainment the only ones with possibilities of controlling such events, the possibility of interaction the way on the part of the spectators of the digital television it will allow them intervening in the diffusion of information, which supposes a significant change for the hearing of the television. The companies must elaborate contents directed a users who are going to have access to will: it is necessary to offer them what want, when they want - this is VOD (video on demand) - Then the digital television not only is going to modify the way of doing television, but also the way of seeing television. The electronic market is guaranteeing positions in the commercial Spanish panorama, growth that becomes clear in the increase so much of the number of users as of the volume of business, of the number of economic operations by Internet and of the number of web pages of companies dedicated to the trade across the Net. This positive evolution of the market shows how a way technologically so new as it is Internet, has allowed that in only 15 years it could speak about a historical evolution of the same one. This makes foresee that the step and evolution of the electronic market from Internet to the digital television could have a similar evolution in acceptance and consolidation. Finally, the future of the electronic commerce not only is subject to the appearance of new commercial models, but also to the technology; this way, the following step, technologically speaking, it is that of the digital television, which interactive and to allow to the user a use similar to that of Internet, does to the being that the challenge of the electronic trade is to go on to this way and to evolve in agreement with the characteristics of the same one. The first problem to which one is going to face this market is that of the user's change: in Spain the Internet user (according to the AECE, Spanish Association of Electronic Trade) is for the most part a male, with an age understood between 25 and 34 years; the television, nevertheless, is a very spread way and within reach of all, which will suppose a change both in the content and in the way of presenting the information (definitively, the product that is wanted to sell).


Digital televisión, eCommerce

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