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Comunicar Journal 25: Quality Television (Vol. 13 - 2005)

«Selling me softly, sharp persuasion»: influence of placement product on the children´s audience of serials


Mònika Jiménez-Morales


The Product Placement on television series of family consumption has turned during the last decade in Spain into one of the most powerful Below the Line techniques for the advertisers, in such a way that the investment for this form of not conventional advertising overcame the budget destined usually to traditional advertising during the past 2004. Product Placement is clearly effective on children who, unable to identify it as advertising, associate the products located to their favorite figures, adopting guidelines of consumption and of behavior related to the brand or to the advertised product. This paper analyzes the process across which children associate the emplaced product and the plot of the series, and how this association influences on the brand image of the announced elements, as well as on their future decisions of buying.


Television, TV serials family, TV consumption children, advertising

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