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Comunicar Journal 25: Quality Television (Vol. 13 - 2005)

The political and publicity profit that comes from (self-interested)compliances to the demand


Óscar Sánchez-Alonso


In the audiovisual market, sheer compliance to the demand does not have to lead us to a better service as a consequence.Some populist rhetoric (e.g. «to give to the public all it wants», «to ‘pamper’ TV viewers as they deserve to be pampered») may merely act as an excuse to effectively disguise other kind of purposes (like political and economic aims). The rhetoric that idealizes the «public» in this way might, thus, have this kind of real (and hidden) agenda. Uncovering such a secret programme does not seem a minor endeavour, as far as we are concerned with education, TV and, especially, the quality of our democracies.


Audiovisual offer and demand, TV viewer, audience, media education

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