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Comunicar Journal 25: Quality Television (Vol. 13 - 2005)

Ethical principles for a quality TV


María-de-los-Ángeles San-Martín-Pascal


This communication presents an analysis on the most significant elements related to the quality of the Television in present times. It examines, at the same time, the main ethical problems faced by the professionals and the users of the television, and it indicates the minimum paths required in order to achieve a good practice on television. It presents problems which should be solved as when television invents and makes programmes just because the reality does not cover their needs. Television, it adds, should be structured in order to stimulate competitively to obtain a good quality rather than to obtain good economical figures and a high audience. Therefore, the television of the XXI century which we just joined, should let it very clear which social benefits is going to give, whether it will be capable of responding to the new competitiveness and diversity in brief period of time. Whether it is going to assign qualified professionals not only in programmes for children but in all other programmes whenever required, without using supposed experts whose only interest is to fight among themselves in order to make spectacle. It should also avoid personal conflicts as a show and obviously it should avoid images of violence and psychological and vexatious misconduct.


Television of quality, ethics, programming, economy