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Comunicar Journal 25: Quality Television (Vol. 13 - 2005)

Quality and digital terrestrial television


Inmaculada Postigo-Gómez


Since the television was raised as a predominant media by its high penetration in our homes, numerous experts have emphasized the importance of the analysis of the direct effects of the relation «man & television», cause the powerful influence in the backbone of our society. In this way, the different involved agents have been affecting the need of a television based on the quality of its contents, reverberating positively in the way we form all around us. In spite of these good intentions, the result we are getting is not all the positive it should. Today, everybody speaks about quality in all areas, but we don’t know exactly what this mean. To talk about a quality television it would be necessary to establish, as first step, the parameters which we consider a television of quality, not only in the area of the contents, cause are other important secondary aspects that configure a television of quality (relation with the audience, workers, organizational structure...). For it, the first step will be an unambiguous definition of the meaning of quality in television. From this point, and well known in five years the television model as we know will change, the disappearance of the analogical television and the soon coming of the digital terrestrial television which benefits (especially the interactivity we will get) are different, this article try to draw the lines that will have to be contemplated in favor of the introduction of a TDT of quality.


Digital television, quality, communication