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Comunicar Journal 25: Quality Television (Vol. 13 - 2005)

Approach to the empiric measurement of quality in children´s TV contents


Victoria Tur-Viñes


Two years ago, we participated on Congreso Iberoamericano de Comunicación y Educación celebrates in Huelva, with a paper about an international studies selection what analize the measure of quality on audiovisual contents for kids. That was our first step to make a researching group, focus on Spanish measure model of quality on children tv´s contents. The research proposal receives fundraising amounts from Universidad of Alicante (GRE013-14), during 2003, and now, from the Ministerio de Educación/Feder, specifically on Programa de ayudas a grupos de investigación I+D+I 2004-2007 (SEJ2004-01830). In this time, we present the first design we have made –2003- and its preliminary conclusions. That means only the beginning of an empirical approach to measure quality level on tv´s contents for kids in Spain. Results show us the changes we must do to simplify the measurement tooling by using factorial analysis as well as school interviews to research claimed entertainment. Any way, we can improve the design until 2007, when we have the goal to make a quality certified process to provide more and better information for the involved agents.


TV quality, children, TV contents, advertising

PDF file in Spanish


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