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Comunicar Journal 25: Quality Television (Vol. 13 - 2005)

The critical viewer: a determinative agent in the TV quality


Olivia-E. Núñez-Orellana


The broadcasting of high quality contents on TV means that all the actors involved on the communication work together to achieve this goal. The proposal to generate this quality is to offer healthy entertainment, consider the pertinence of the broadcasting and offer creative productions with a high sense of respect and consideration of the audience. Considering that the TV viewer is a decisive agent on the process of making quality TV content and counting on the importance of shared responsibility, thereis work to do from various perspectives:the audience perspective: thinking and selection, the sponsor perspective and quality recognition, and that one of the educational responsibility. The big idea of improving media content until it is of the highest quality needs to be handled by many different groups that are necessarily involved on this matter. Therefore, knowing the work that has been successful in Mexico and other Latin-American countries might be a good point to start creating a synergy to improve quality on television.


Shared responsibility, quality of TV content, creative productions, educational responsibility