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Comunicar Journal 25: Quality Television (Vol. 13 - 2005)

The political telegenia in a quality television


Jorge Santiago-Barnés


In order that a Chief of State and of Government appears suitably in television, transmit correctly the image that it wants to radiate to the citizens, spread with divan efficiency what longs to project the village and demonstrate with responsibility, adequacy and personal sincerity what he tries to spread whom him have chosen democratically as political representative of the nation, he must possess a few innate characteristics of persuasion and political seduction or adjust to the procedure of regulation and ordination contextual that legitimize the presence of a national leader before the cameras.The presidential telegenia does not consist of staying only well before the television cameras to award a good personal image before the citizens and electors of the country, but it consists of spreading more and better the plans of work and ideas preconcebidas that the political leader has elaborated to administer the nation and the projects that, in an agreed by consensus way, he has approved together with his cabinet to improve and to prosper in the development and social well-being of the people. Antonio Lara defines the telegenia as the capacity that the Presidents of Government and Prime ministers have to conceal, before the cameras, his physical and moral faults and the quality that allows them to promote his skills of oratory and rhetoric.


Politics, image, telegenic, televisión