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Comunicar Journal 25: Quality Television (Vol. 13 - 2005)

Reality shows: how to exploit a TV genre


Daniel Maestre-Delgado


Doubtless, one of the most useful t v g enres is what is called «reality show», which has been placed everywhere. It is becoming the preminently t v g enre due to some common components such as the meddling in daily life, the enclosing and so on. This kind of televising circus has a great repercussion on society. Moreover, it is a worrying aspect since the educative point of view. The values, attitudes, behaviour, language and more several items used on those programmes, make so difficult the process of teaching-learning. Thus, this writing goes throught the history of this genre, as well as its definition, its future and why it can be successful and how it has a repercussion on society and, specially, on school.


Reality show, TV reality, media competence

PDF file in Spanish


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