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Comunicar Journal 25: Quality Television (Vol. 13 - 2005)

Scientific Education on television


Julio Tello-Díaz


During 2005, the Council of Education in Andalusia has promulgated the commemoration of the first centenary of the publication of the special theory of the relativity of Albert Einstein. Among the objectives of this commemoration we emphasized the following ones: a) to foment the interest for the education and the scientific culture; b) to impel the debate on the education and the scientific culture. For this commemoration, several mechanisms have been planned to be carried out at schools, as well as some activities at provincial and at autonomous Community levels. One of the relevant actions consists on the creation of a Scientific Committee to debate on the state of the education of Sciences at schools. Among the topics proposed for the debate we point out the value of the television as the element of great importance in the spreading of the scientific culture; but for this, t it is necessary that the television production considers in his philosophy the citizen interest for the knowledge of the facts and for the scientific activities and presents them in a comprehensive way. In the communication which we present, we expose some of the conclusions that this Scientific Committee has arrived to in the debate up to now, in the area of science and society. With respect to the repercussion of the television in the scientific education of the citizens, we contrast this fact with the televising planning in the national and autonomous channels in Andalusia, and wondering a change towards more formative programmes in this powerful mass media.


Scientific education, society, television.