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Comunicar Journal 25: Quality Television (Vol. 13 - 2005)

The spots, a possibility to develop the environmental education through the television


Carlos-Alberto Saez-Martínez


The investigation is a detailed work of more than five years than the author has dedicated to the use of the television and other mass media to contribute to solve some of problematic of the environmental education and the medio.ambiente in the Cuban province of Camagüey and was defended like thesis in option to the title of Masters in Sciences, in the Pedagogical University Enrique Jose Varona, of the city of Havana, with satisfactory results. The newness of the investigation is in the proposal of a set of spots with the objective to develop the environmental education, by means of the routes formal and nonformal, from main the problematic ones that consider in the Strategy of Medio.ambiente and Environmental Education of the Republic of Cuba and the province of Camagüey. In the project psicopedagogical, philosophical and sociological foundations were applied that allowed to pedagogizar spots so that they do not constitute pure publicity, but that is managed by means of them to transform the thought and the way of performance of the children and young people, as well as of the town in general sense. In the materials that were designed they considered the ecosystems and species that greater degree of affectation they had and which as well they presented/displayed relation with the programs of scholastic Geography which they were distributed in the different levels from education of Cuba.


Environment education, TV advertising, television.

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