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Comunicar Journal 25: Quality Television (Vol. 13 - 2005)

Latin american university videos and cultural, scientific and economic development


Jenny Bustamante-Newball


This paper is the product of the author’s five year continued experience in the teaching of journalism in the classes of TV Production (third year of the career), Audiovisual Journalism (fourth year) Writing and Realization of Scripts for TV (fifth year) at the University of Los Andes in Venezuela, based on the reform and revision accomplished during the year 2000 of the programs of three subjects in which three fundamental axes were used: the performance of productions associated to the three mentions of the career of Social Communication at the university of Los Andes (Scientific Development, Economic Development, and Cultural Development), the incorporation of New Technologies of Information and Communication (TIC) for the production and digital postproduction of videotapes, and the annual organization of a festival (EXPOVISUAL), aimed at the public in general for which the students elaborate special productions.


Video teaching and learning, information and communication technologies, university videos