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Comunicar Journal 26: Communication for Health (Vol. 13 - 2006)

Sociability and identity in virtu@ls universes. The digitalization of reality in the new XXIst century generations


Tatiana Millán-Paredes


The Internet allows us to build a side-world where we invent and re-invent ourselves, relate to the world and face reality through a screen. The new generations are being socialized in virtual surroundings. Which will the consequences be? The step forward from the atom to the bit has determined a new form to see the outside. It has extended the capacity of memory and storage of the human being, but mainly it allows people to relate in a way which will change the idiosyncracy of the man. New technologies are shaping the man. They have already made his body infinite and free, marked by virtual processes that we do not even know. Young people of XXIth century are the digital generation.


Internet, new generations, socialization processes, identity in the network