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Comunicar Journal 26: Communication for Health (Vol. 13 - 2006)

Use of teaching resources for reading and writing in preschoolers in Venezuela


María-Elena Garassini

Julio Cabero-Almenara


This investigation allowed us to learn about the reality of educational centers and preschool teachers who work in the metropolitan area of Caracas, specifically in reference to the methods used by the teachers to promote literacy development and the use of different teaching practices to achieve the desired objectives in this area. The results point to a gradual change on the part of teachers as to the methodology employed to promote literacy development, ranging from the traditional use of basic reading programs and reading readiness exercises to the use of varied and functional literacy materials and activities. As to the type of resources employed, the use of printed materials prevails, with some incursions into the use of multimedia programs.


Teaching resources, preschool education, reading and writing, didactic, books & materials, educational software