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Comunicar Journal 27: Coomunication trends (Vol. 14 - 2006)

The education in communication in Cataloniaº


Alba Ambrós-Pallarés


The society of infonnation where we are living is changing very quickly, especially the way we communicate to each other. Apart from the wrinen and spoken language. we must be awared of the fact that the most important part of the messages we receive use the audiovisual language code, so we exist side by side with a multiplicity of languages around us Where and how do we learn about them? The Spanish and Catalonian education programmes are not ready to achieve this aim. For this reason, we suggest to talk about the necessity of an education in communication, which two recent Catalonian studies take into account from different points of view: Llibre Blanc: L'educació en l'entorn audiovisual (White Book: The education around the audiouisual) from CAC (Audiouisual Council from Catalonia) and «I Manifest per I'Educació en Comunicació» (I Manifest for the Education in Communication) from AulaMedia.


Multiplicity of languages, Education in Communication, audio,visual literacy