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Comunicar Journal 27: Coomunication trends (Vol. 14 - 2006)

Joan Brossa and cinema


Tomás Pedroso-Herrera


The relationship between poetry and cinema has always been very fruitful. A special case is that of Joan Brossa, a Catalanian contemporary poet, whose work is rich in poems about cinema, and whose artistic production includes writing cinematographic scripts. J. Brossa was interested in the far out movements, especially in Dadaism, with its objective poetry and visual creation. His interest in the cinema, both the European far.out cinema and the commercial Nonh American cinema, springs from these three sources. In this work it is possible to find poems in which the poetical production (the blank sheet of paper) is put on the sarne level as the cinematographic one (the blank screen).


Cinema, poetry, Joan Brossa

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