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Comunicar Journal 30: Audiences and screens in America (Vol. 15 - 2008)

The audio-visual regulation: the arguments for and against


Jordi Sopena-Palomar


The article analyzes the effectiveness of the audio-visual regulation and assesses the different arguments for and against the existence of the broadcasting authorities at the state level. The debate of the necessity of a Spanish organism of regulation is still active. Most of the European countries have created some competent authorities, like the OFCOM in United Kingdom and the CSA in France. In Spain, the broadcasting regulation is developed by regional organisms, like the Consejo Audiovisual de Navarra, the Consejo Audiovisual de Andalucía and the Consell de l’Audiovisual de Catalunya (CAC), whose case is also studied in this article.


Broadcasting regulation, broadcasting authority, public service, democratisation of the contents, freedom of speech, honour right, right to privacy