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Comunicar Journal 31: To teach the look. Some proposals to teach watching TV (Vol. 16 - 2008)

Watching movies at home: an overview to family socialization


Felicidad Loscertales-Abril

Trinidad Núñez-Domínguez


What does watching a movie mean? In the first place the spectator places itself facing to a constructed reality, a story and a plot. In addition s/he also sees the elements used by professionals to build such story. Watching movies is one of the ways in which people learn, reflect and acquire values. Due to the fact that movies offer a wide field to obtain human knowledge, our proposal is that watching movies in family and using the TV will enrich the personal relations, giving them consistency, and thus contributing to the socialization of child and the adolescents within the familiar group.


Movies, audio-visual narrative, education and socialization, imitation, vicarious learning, family communication

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