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Comunicar Journal 31: To teach the look. Some proposals to teach watching TV (Vol. 16 - 2008)

TV: responsibility in socialization


Ilda Peralta-Ferreyra


TV has an ever-increasing power to penetrate into our homes, into public spaces and into our schools. This reality issues a challenge to parents, families, public administrations and to television channels themselves. Socialization, that is, the fitting of individuals to a common culture, is everyone’s responsibility in order to make the future more tolerant, supportive and democratic-essential for the survival of the human species in the 21st century. That is the reason why socialization must be managed and cultivated by all the nation’s institutions, without exception. For this purpose it becomes necessary to join forces, to build a consensus where families, schools and the main television channels commit themselves to a common socializing function with agreements that would help lay the foundations of a society concerned with human development.


Television, socialization, education

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