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Comunicar Journal 31: To teach the look. Some proposals to teach watching TV (Vol. 16 - 2008)

Image as a daily learning opportunity


Ángela Ubreva-Amor


Image must become a basic way towards knowledge. This paper proposes to search for shocking TV images that illustrate and define cultural and scientific concepts. Audiovisual itineraries for students are provided for students. They are based on the relationship between word and image, and the architectonic forms that surround us: buildings. Educating the sight implies an education through images, an education to learn how to see, and how to live the reality.


TV, audiovisual itineraries, word and image, dictionary, forms, architectures

PDF file in Spanish


RAE (Ed. 2001): Diccionario de la Lengua Española. Madrid, Espasa.

Ubreva Amor, Á.: De la Ética de la imagen y Otras Soledades. Madrid, UNED.