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Comunicar Journal 31: To teach the look. Some proposals to teach watching TV (Vol. 16 - 2008)

Television consumption and profiles of the hearings: a customized way to watch TV


María-de-los-Ángeles Cabrera-González

Tamara Gómez-Aguilera


The design of TV programmes schedule according to the different profiles of the audience favours a customized television watching by selective audiences. This work determines the different types of audience according to age. Such work develops a methodology for the design of TV programme schedules fit to each type of audience, with the purpose of providing customized solutions that favour the intelligent consumption of television. In addition, the design of these pro-gramme grids means an advance in the knowledge of initiatives towards the customization of television contents. This is a very important social demand as a result of the influence of the interactivity generated by the Internet.


TV programmes schedule, intelligent consumption, customization, selective