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Comunicar Journal 31: To teach the look. Some proposals to teach watching TV (Vol. 16 - 2008)

TV and strategies to promote consumption among young girls


Inmaculada Gordillo-Álvarez

María-del-Mar Ramírez-Alvarado


This article seeks to deepen, on the one hand, into the development of new marketing strategies using TV as platform and aimed at promoting consumption among young girls. We will first look into the case of such companies as Disney, which have re-released public leading characters of all-time stories for the infant female public with great commercial success, now united as a generic sisterhood of «princesses». On the other hand, we will also study other characters that television and other AV outlets have made known and the elements offered in this kind of products geared towards reinforcing consumption by means of promoting sexual and cultural stereotypes.


Television, consumption strategies, stereotypes, TV series for girls

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