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Comunicar Journal 32: Mapping Media Education. Policies in the world (Vol. 16 - 2009)

The media and the meeting of cultures, in pro of cultural coexistence


Enrique Martínez-Salanova-Sánchez


The article begins with a reflection on the knowledge society as foundational for improving strategies to live together on the planet, through the enrichment and driving force that spring from a diversity of civilizations and cultures. The media and new technologies increase possibilities for human inter-relationship through the connection in networks. The cinema, in particular, presents new guidelines for behaviour, brings new knowledge and cultures within reach, and becomes indispensable for illustrating new ways to resolve conflict and previously unknown aspects of intercultural dialogue. It explores alliance-forming in solving common problems, and the search for creative answers to humanity’s major problems, principally those having to do with peace and solidarity. Educational systems should receive help to promote training, instruction and education in the use of new technologies, a key to the future of society, so that future generations will be prepared to make critical use of the media, as an instrument and channel for human interrelationship, for information searching, and as a tool for research and for learning.


Alliance, civilization, cinema, education, communication, solidarity, culture, dialog

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