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Comunicar Journal 33: Cybermedia and mobile phones (Vol. 17 - 2009)

Learning with videogames: Ideas for a renewal of the theory of knowledge and education


Anita Gramigna

Juan-Carlos González-Faraco


In this paper we reflect on the relationship of games, cognitive development and educational processes during a time of profound technological change. Specifically, we consider the role of videogames in knowledge construction and in children’s education. By studying both the logic of video games and how players understand them, we can develop interesting ideas for re-thinking theories on knowledge and education. Primarily, this text analyzes the role of video games in the world of play in order to delve into its unique narrative models. Finally, we evaluate their virtual features for learning and education in general, then focusing on the risks entailed. We conclude with a cognitive-pedagogical evaluation of the connective thought that videogames can develop.


Videogames, multimedia, learning, education, knowledge construction, recreational thought