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Comunicar Journal 40: Interactive Youth (Vol. 20 - 2013)

Youth’s usage of leisure time with video games and social networks


Beatriz Muros-Ruiz

Yolanda Aragón-Carretero

Antonio Bustos-Jiménez


The aim of this article is to understand the behaviour of Secondary Education students during their leisure time when using some different virtual spaces. We report a study carried out in a Community Centre offering training and leisure services for youngsters. Due to the large number of technological activities offered, this study paves the way for analysis and reflection about the hidden reasons and motivations young people have to use virtual spaces. We also show the interpretations and reflections of youngsters in their personal relationships and models of cohabitation. Our study likewise approaches the relation that youngsters establish between real and virtual spaces, focusing our attention on the construction of interactions which stems from their personal experiences. For data collection we carried out observations, conversations, analysis of documents and interviews. We analyzed with special interest the meanings that youngsters assign to their experiences in relation with mediatic and civic processes during their leisure time. The results of the study help to know the initiative, motivations and manner of acting that the youngsters of this study have on their ways of socialization in community. Concretely, the aspects allied with the search of pleasure, entertainment, the maintenance of social ties and continuous stimulation uses. 


Media competence, socialisation, youth, citizenship, videogames, social networks, case study, leisure time