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Comunicar Journal 68: Networks, social movements and their myths in a hyperconnected world (Vol. 29 - 2021)

Educational influencers on Twitter. Analysis of hashtags and relationship structure


Carlos Marcelo

Paula Marcelo


In this article we research Spanish educational influencers with major presence on Twitter: what are the most common topics or hashtags used by them, whether there are groups based on the topics of their interventions or what type of social network they configure. To meet these goals, we selected 54 educational influencers with a high number of followers. We analyzed and classified the "hashtags" included in a total of 106,130 tweets. The analysis of hashtags has shown us that the most labelled topics correspond to educational content in different areas of the curriculum, collaboration, exchange and dissemination of digital materials, documents or resources, as well as activities related to training or discussion about innovative teaching methodologies. Using the Gephi software, we carried out a Social Network Analysis, determining the degree of centrality and betweenness centrality of the 54 influencers, which allowed us to identify influencers with greater recognition by the rest. Through a modularity analysis, we were able to identify five groups of influencers that do not work as closed groups but maintain frequent interactions with other influencers in other groups. This research highlights the need to better understand the contents and procedures that may promote informal learning by teachers.


Digital activism, social network analysis, informal learning, teacher training, influencer, Twitter