The Beauty of Clay: Exploring contemporary Ceramic Art as an Aesthetic Medium in Education


  • Zhiyan Zhang Department of Fine Arts ,NanJing XiaoZhuang University, Nanjing, China.
  • Pan Wei School of Textile Garment and Design, Changshu Institute of Technology, Suzhou, China.



Ceramic Arts, Aesthetic Pleasure, Aesthetic Medium, Digital Tools, China


The development of ceramic art as an aesthetic medium in Chinese education is significant aspect of contemporary fine arts education system. This study explored the status of contemporary status of ceramic arts in education and its linkage with aesthetic pleasure within the context of China. The dimensions considered in this study included integration of ceramic arts in the curriculum of Chinese universities, edu-communicative function of ceramic arts, the aesthetic characteristics of ceramic art and role of modern digital tools in spreading the art and craft associated with clay. To fulfill the aims of study and to reach an efficient conclusion, this study employed a qualitative approach. Using this approach, an overview of Chinese ceramic education was presented using both primary and secondary data, where the primary data was derived from interviews with informants from relevant universities. The findings of the study highlight that ceramic art is a significant aspect of contemporary Chinese arts education in its universities, which has the dual objective of develop artistic skills of students and also enhance the edu-communicative function of the ceramic art representing the Chinese culture. The findings revealed that ceramic art not only caried aesthetic elements but it was also a prime source of creating aesthetic pleasure as it played the role of aesthetic medium in education. It was evident that due to its aesthetic purpose, ceramic art demonstrated the notions of ‘Art for Art’s sake’. It has also been found that digital tools play a significant role in bringing innovation in ceramic art education and spread the skills of clay-art. The findings of this paper have numerous implications for the personnel and practitioners of Chinese fine arts institutions especially those who have curriculum related to ceramic art.



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