Advertising Literacy: 30 Years in Scientific Studies


  • Francisco Arbaiza. Professor and Researcher, Peruvian University of Applied Sciences, Peru
  • Kelly Robledo-Dioses. Adjunct Professor and Academic Coordinator, CETT - University of Barcelona, Spain
  • Giovanni Lamarca. Professor, Peruvian University of Applied Sciences, Peru



Spain, Social Networks, Youth, Credibility, Media Outlets, Information.


The evolving media ecosystem underscores the pressing need for media literacy within the population. Numerous academic research initiatives typically focus on competencies such as mobile device management and the identification of fake news on social networks, among others. This paper seeks to uncover how academic research tackles advertising literacy, a facet of media literacy that promotes the development of critical consumers. Advertising literacy is increasingly recognised as a crucial competency in today’s world, given the ubiquity of advertising messages and their potential to influence purchasing decisions, worldviews, and cultural perceptions. A systematic review was conducted, drawing on both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, of articles on the topic published in Social Science academic journals indexed in Scopus. Significant findings suggest that advertising literacy has been a subject of analysis for over three decades, and that journals publishing on this topic, along with the affiliations of authors, are predominantly based in Europe and the United States. Additionally, it was observed that applied research, especially surveys and experiments, has superseded theoretical research in the analysis of this subject. The studies practical implications, alongside their theoretical contributions, are noteworthy. The conclusion drawn suggests that advertising literacy is a research area with substantial growth potential, warranting the attention of the educational and media industries.



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Francisco Arbaiza., Kelly Robledo-Dioses., & Giovanni Lamarca. (2023). Advertising Literacy: 30 Years in Scientific Studies. Comunicar.