Interactive Communication in the Cybermedia


  • Mariano Cebrián


Cybermedia, interactive communication, cyberpress, cyberradio, cybertelevision, social networks


Internet embeds both conventional mass media and its own cybermedia with a social network that introduces a new communication process based on interactivity, new ways of relating users, different technical and communicative mediations, a new information outlook and changes in the narrative and expressive models together with an expansion of the possibilities of navigation and hypertextuality, creating synergies between the cyberpress, cyberradio, cybertelevision and the social network within a new space-time globality. This article –drawn from research work in these fields– analyses the changes that have affected the cybermedia in their different variations, and systematizes these phenomena in order to provide new dimensions for the theoretical construction of the emerging interactive model of communication..



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