New Educational Settings. Cognitive Challenges for the Realization of a Collective Intelligence




Communication technologies, education, virtual setting, cognition, collective intelligence, cognitive adaptation


Understanding communication technologies through the networks by which people connect, communicate and cooperate has been a constant feature in the work of researchers who have not dissociated their view about the meaning of technologies within new social movements. This paper states that Information and Communication Technologies are not only networks that people join individually, but that they also act as social technologies. Their improvement depends both on the diversity of their functions (social, political, cognitive, etc.) and on the flexibility they have to adapt to functional diversity (to lifecycles, changing and fluctuating mobility or to audiovisual perception thresholds, for example). This idea is supported by the new technological challenge represented by portable devices, the personal area network, high-use user interfaces, systems designed for home care, etc. All this will be tried and tested in this paper within the educational context..