Classroom 2.0 Experiences and Building on the Use of ICT in Teaching



ICT, education, technology, training, teachers, students, IWB, computers, Interactive whiteboard


Recognising the importance of new technology in the classroom, our aim is to promote the integration of information and communication technology (ICT) in teaching practice from a collaborative research in which action research style methods are applied involving 21 primary and secondary schools in Spain. In these research seminars, the participating teachers receive a progressive educational and technological training orientated towards the experiment and reflect on the possibilities of using a computer per student in the classroom and a digital whiteboard or interactive whiteboard (IWB). After the first period of research, we bring to the table significant ideas that have guided the training and put forward findings on the testing of teachers in their classrooms denoted classrooms 2.0 for being equipped with an IWB and computers with Internet access. In specific, from this experiment, we provide relevant results on the intensity of use of IWBs and computers, the usual activities conducted with these technological resources, their advantages and disadvantages found from use and their impact on student learnings. In the conclusions, the results are analysed and assessed, noting possible criteria for taking action in order to move twenty-first century teaching practices forward and promote the inclusion of ICT in classrooms..



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Araújo, A., Domingo, A., Ovens, A., Marquès, P., & Knijnik, J. (2011). Classroom 2.0 Experiences and Building on the Use of ICT in Teaching. Comunicar, 19(37), 169–175. Retrieved from



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