TV newsreader´s voice


  • Emma Rodero
  • Gloria Campos


Television, journalism, voice


The effectiveness on the television communication is sustained in the handling of the voice like support of fundamental expression of the audio-visual contents. Therefore, of a correct and expressive use of the voice it is going to depend that, first, the viewer pays attention to the televising message and that, secondly, understands and assimilates it. On the other hand, due to the great social impact which they have the contents in television, a good use of the expressive resources of the voice on the part of the newsreaders will have its reflection in the own daily expression of the viewer. This requirement in the care of the expression is more indispensable in the properly news contents, since they concentrate stops hearing level and because they demand of the viewers more attention than any message of absolut entertainment. These reasons guarantee the necessity to make an empirical investigation on the form in which the news newsreaders in television use the voice. Therefore, the present communication is based on the results of a study whose objective looks for to determine the form in the main newsreaders on television use their voice to transmit their messages..



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