Women´s images in «Telva», a women´s magazine


  • Petra Aczel Corvinus University of Budapest
  • Petra Roca
  • Agnes Veszelszki Corvinus University of Budapest


Women’s magazines, genre, stereotyping, stereotypes, representation


Taking the field of specialized press as a starting point, this study aims at determining and understanding the mechanisms of representation employed by the press for women, also known as women´s magazines and women´s pages. Stereotypes, understood as a representation tool, determine the actual models and icones for women in women´s magazines, and besides, permit comparison with the real situation of the contemporary Spanish woman. This paper also argues about the correspondence between media stereotypes and social stereotypes used in the interviews published by «Telva» in almost 40 years..



How to Cite

Aczel, P., Roca, P., & Veszelszki, A. (2006). Women´s images in «Telva», a women´s magazine. Comunicar, 13(26), 149–154. Retrieved from https://www.revistacomunicar.com/ojs/index.php/comunicar/article/view/C26-2006-23



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