Commercialized childhood


  • Tomás Sola-Martínez Universidad de Granada
  • Tomás Torrent
  • Inmaculada Aznar-Díaz Universidad de Granada
  • Francisco-Javier Hinojo-Lucena Universidad de Granada
  • Antonio-Manuel Rodríguez-García Universidad de Granada


Commercialism, advertisement, childhood, mass-media, education


Contemporary strategies of marketing and advertisement have overloaded the mass-media helping to create a materialistic society where children have become both socio-economic system’s engine and victims. Children are the engine because of their economic power, and the victims because of the emotional effects that this socio-economic system has developed on them: results of some studies showed that 62% of American children are only interested in making money, and 80% of anti-depressant prescriptions are written for children..



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Sola-Martínez, T., Torrent, T., Aznar-Díaz, I., Hinojo-Lucena, F.-J., & Rodríguez-García, A.-M. (2008). Commercialized childhood. Comunicar, 16(31). Retrieved from

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